Fun Lovin Criminals. 9.2.17. Sheffield the Plug.


With 20 years of hindsight, the music of the FLC can be seen as a good reflection of the time and environment it was created in.

Crystallising the mid 90s lifestyle choices of young adults, the FLC gave voice to authentic tales of debauchery and enjoyment, as well as documenting the beginnings of a change in society’s perceptions to recreational drug use that would create an epidemic within a decade.

Led by charismatic front man Huey and all round multi-instrumentalist Fast, the duo provided a soundtrack to all that was perceived cool at the time;  Tarantino, New York, weed, bad behaviour and hip-hop credibility for those not living in a project.

Part trivial, part social commentary, part fantasy, the FLC’s music blended hip hop, reggae, rock, funk, and soul together in an innovative style which sounded like a blend of channel hopping through New York’s finest radio stations.

Right on the zeitgeist, the band had it. And they knew they had it.

20 years on from their critical and commercial peak the FLCs put on a show that is a celebration of their work.  Hueys guitar playing is more profound than he’s given credit for and Fast, as always, lets his music do his talking.

Still having fun, though more conservative now than criminal, the FLC remind us of the time when they knew that their music would be considered a future documentation of the past.

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