Hands off Gretel. Newcastle Cluny. 27.10.21

You can tell it’s been a while since the last Gretel tour given the type of urgency they play with tonight.  Wild and ferocious, yet focused in the right moments, Gretel attack their set with the sense of style that accompanies artists frustrated at not being able to have shared their art for some time.  Standing out with the pop/punk/grunge collection of Milk, Alien and I want the world, it’s Saas which steals tonight’s set with it’s departure from the core Gretel sound and it’s journey into a funk/groove mix accompanied by a popping bass line and a lovely ‘you just don’t get it/ I know you want it’ refrain.  It’s a glorious, communal, track which bops and weaves inside a set that is raw, passionate, and pure performance art by all four members from start to finish. 

There’s a packed-out crowd tonight, which is good as everyone should see this kind of care-free, self-expression, punk rock and be reminded of the importance of having figure-heads who tell you to be yourself.

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