Rob Heron & the Tea Pad Orchestra. The Cluny. 1.2.2019

Generally refusing to define his own music, Rob Heron, and his Tea Pad Orchestra, are an interesting band to review.  Part ragtime, part swing and part Americana, the Orchestra’s sound is the output of many combined influences yet, as tonight proves, the biggest influence is something you can’t hear, it’s something you observe.  The biggest part of the Tea’s sound is their performance style.  Exemplified tonight by, primarily, the bands outfits, and secondary their stage presence (the knowing eye nods and winks in ‘Cats & Chickens’, the clever alliteration in ‘Une bounteille de Beaujolais’, and the band interactions in ‘Holy Moly’), what makes the Tea Pads work is their ability to present a number of styles in one cohesive thought.  Held together tonight by the launch of new album ‘Soul of my city’, and the performance of accompanying new tracks, the Tea Pads are humorous, sincere and interesting at the same time.  Surely the next release should be a live dvd?


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