Night Demon. Trillians. 12.11.17


The BBC recently celebrated the life and times of novelist George Orwell by erecting a lifesize bronze statue in his honour at their New Broadcasting House.  Placed in the heart of the buildings smoking area, the monument is contextualised by Orwell’s often quoted belief that “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

Survived by his beliefs in free thinking and harsh criticism of institutions, Orwell is often named as the godfather of conscious society and the belief that society can only progress if it creates an environment which permits the flow of information and support all of it’s members are allowed to have authentic open, honest, discussions.

Metal heavy, ferocious, rockers Night Demon appear kindred spirits to Orwell in their desire to speak their truth.  Known for their honest, emotional metal, the Demons have gained a reputation for being loud and proud both in style and substance.

Opening with a call to alms (“alright Newcastle, it’s a fucking Sunday night, let’s party!!”) the 3 piece tear into their set with pounding guitar riffs, black outfits and devil horns.  It’s a clever us of classic metal iconographies which never fail to quickly win a metal crowd over

Highlight of the show is ‘Full steam ahead’ which mixes Glitter Band glam drums with a Queens of the Stone Age rumbling bass and feedback driven guitars.  It’s a sound which blends the camp, don’t take yourself too seriously, feel of glam with a rock solid belief in the thrash power of rock and roll.

Metal has always been it’s own world, usually using images of goblins and otherworldliness to warn non-believers away.  When bands, like Night Demon, have something interesting to say that feels like a real shame as the have something to offer wider society.

Perhaps we need to petition the BBC for metal statues.  Great show.

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