Johnny Cash Roadshow. City Hall. 11.5.17


A flawed, righteous, giant, Cash’s legacy continues to grow in the 13 years following his death; either suggesting a continual exaggeration of his myth, or an audience still catching up with his forward thinking output.

Now hailed as masterpieces, the Rubin produced ‘American’ series sold almost nothing on their release; Volume 3: Solitary Man, the most often referenced album in the series, not even charting in the UK album lists and reaching number 88 in the US charts.

Cash, the original and perfected, country renegade spoke from the heart.  His was an emotional take on heartbreak and redemption; perhaps closer to Marvin (Gaye) than to Marvin (Haggard) in its ability to redefine your core beliefs and to use social & political stories as a way to make you rebel, rather than roll over, against the man.

Making you believe that judgment for your actions is made at the gates of heaven, rather than by any boss or lawmaker, he made us think about the importance of each action.

Regardless of who sings his songs, or when, we all need more Johnny in our lives.




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