Adam Ant. 5.5.17. Newcastle Arena.

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Panto existentialism has never been performed as well as African tribal drumming/ Gary Glitter sounding/ cowboy/ pirate/ dandy highwayman Stuart ‘Adam Ant’ Goddard and his merry men.

Returning to Newcastle after recent sold out shows at the Sage and the o2 Academy, Mr Ant focused the show towards the A and B-sides of his singles.   It’s an interesting combination meaning we get themes of sex, pirate high times, ant invasions and cats moving to London all under the same roof.  We also get an audience (mostly dressed up in pre-Nelle stripes, military dandyism and pirate hats) showing the type of devotion to a pop act that an artist can only dream of.  It’s one thing to know the ‘i spend my cash on looking flash’ refrain of Stand and Deliver, it’s something completely different to know the words to ‘Red Cab’ the B side of 1982 single ‘Goody Two-shoes’.  The audience don’t disappoint.

Rightfully taking credit as the main act for the Sex Pistols first ever gig, Ant still appears keen to demonstrate his punk roots, hamming up his stage show with rebel poses and emphasising the anti-establishment phrases in his lyrics.   Musical support from his Ant’s take Adam’s songs to new realms, Puss N’ Boots, in particular, is given an almost Prince-style funk sheen, providing an extra groove that showcases it’s ‘Carry on’ style/knowing wink of sexual prowess.

Adam, and his Ant’s, proved that sometimes we need to remember that whilst other music can lose it’s flavour, that rarely applies to ambitious pop music.

Support: The Glamour skanks

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