The MDC. 11.8.16. ThinkTank.


Sandwiched in the small space between punk and hard rock lies an un-named, but crucially important, genre of music.  Tending to be politicised, this genre offers higher levels of musicianship than punk but stays away from any 12-minute bass solo style self-indulgences.

It’s a space so specialised that record companies avoid any band operating in this bracket, tending instead to kick themselves when those bands become self-sufficient, go huge and want nothing to do with a major label.

Rage Against the Machine lived here.

Body Count lived here.

The Bad Brains lived here.

The MDC live here.

Like the former bands, the MDC have a reputation for producing records which promote anti-consumerism whilst challenging the listener to truly evaluate their own value system.

Live, we get asked the same questions, only a little faster and with less of a chance to pause for breathe.


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