Jim Jones and the righteous mind. 4.4.16. Cluny


My favourite footballer was always David Batty- he was like me.

He played football the way I do most things; Little skill but lots of will- sorry David; it’s a compliment.

The Jim Jones remind me of David Batty; and so they remind me of myself at my best, and worst.
They played the Cluny like it was there last ever show; playing with an intensity and drive that can’t be faked. A drive so entrenched that it becomes bad for your health.

A determination to prove yourself to those who wrote you off.

The Jim Jones play like a Combat Rock era Clash- they have smart moves, smart shirts,

smart songs. And they mix that with a nuclear intensity.

These lads should held up as modern day icons of DIY; Drive yourself as far and as fast as you can without any fear.


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