Blanck mass. Independent. 9.4.16


There’s an argument.

But it’s a personal and intense one.

Why do I chose to offer certain people insights when they use them as weapons to beat me? One as my best mates calls me weird; his rationale being that I chose George as my favorite Beatle.

Why pick a fight with a friend?

The closest people to you really can hurt you the most.

I needed intensity from a live show like I needed caffeine.

They’re both bad for me, but they both make me feel alive.

With a backdrop leaving the ‘mass in darkness, the aesthetic reminds me of Tricky and Massive Attack.   The visuals acting as a silver bullet to my anger, Terrence malic- producing-Tron is my perception.  Its angry and it’s dark.

My thoughts move to the centre and conformists. Fuck them.

The intensity of the gig, and it’s impact on me to become angry, sets me up.  But what now to do with it and how to channel it.

Thanks for the energy blankmass- anger is an energy.


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