Richie Ramone. 09.02.16. The Cluny.


As modern Britain obsesses with wealth creation and productivity, its nice to be reminded of the greatest qualities of the Human race. Kindness. Resilience. Determination. Anger.
Few bands have ever challenged societies’ fascinations with status, consumerables and apathy like the Ramones. Wether through injecting a sense of humour into a too-cool-for-school New York scene (‘Spiderman’ covers) or by their gutter lyrics (53rd and 3rd) the Ramones never shy’d from beating on the rat and buzz-sawing emotion back into the status quo.  They were like the best type of comedian; zany one minute, edgy and extreme the next.
As one of the final associates to the Paul Mcartney obsessed band (look it up), Richie has assembled an absolute monster to keep the spirit alive.
In Alex Kane they have a guitarist who plays like he’s taking the piss out of his contemporaries.  Townsends’ machine gun and windmill look practcially juvenille compared to his gun-sucking and neck-snapping suicide/guitar interplays. He is  a master class in performance art.

I’ll not even start on the bassist, Clare Misstake, who is the most punk thing i’ve ever seen.

To say that this band are the best live act I’ve ever seen seems chrulish and promotional.

But it’s true.

I’ve never seen anything like this.

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