Dead Kennedy’s. 11.08.14. Newcastle 02 Academy.


If you’ve ever read or watched anything by the prophet Bill Hicks then you’re sure to be aware of his tirade against banal and mediocre rock stars.  Classically, his rant ends with screams of ‘I want my rock stars dead!!’.

Whilst the majority of Bill’s message still holds true (a large proportion of modern rock stars seem to have totally forgotten just how meaningful and transcendental music can be) we can be thankful that not all rocks stars are in fact dead.

Somewhat ironically, the Dead Kennedys are very much alive and kicking, and they are most certainly not banal or mediocre.

Whilst some bands play it too safe in some corporate middle ground, it’s incredible that the DK’s (with an average age of something close to 55) are still so focused in challenging us all to believe that music can change who we are, and give us something to believe in.

The intensity with which the DK’s played the Newcastle Academy (with a set including California Uber Alles, Holiday in Cambodia and Kill the poor) is a lesson for us all in never sacrificing the core messages they sing about; helping those less well off, looking after each other, railing against the system and never surrendering to corruption and inequality.

Though over 35 years old the DK’s are still on a clear path in helping us keep away from mediocrity.

Bill would be proud.

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