The Last of the Fallen Angels. 5.7.20

Sounding like the freshest new release around, the debut single ‘Phase IV’ by TLOTFA’s breathes fresh air into the classic Trip-Hop sound.  Menacing, optimistic and highly artistic Phase IV, initially conceived as a side-project during lockdown, is so fresh it’s even gaining serious label considerations.  Damian Robinson spoke to Fallen Angel CMQ.

Phase IV may be my favourite new release of the year, can you tell me about its inception?

Thank you, we originally conceived The Fallen Angels as something creative to do during lock down, trying to use a mixture of collaborators across the world.  We all sent mixes and ideas backwards and forwards to each other, slowly building up some ideas. Phase IV is the first release of those ideas.

The track’s production is so menacing how did the sound come about?

We had an idea of how we wanted the track to sound, slightly dark but still with a clear melody, and as we built up the demos they got into the hands of super producer Simon Ellis, who’s worked on some amazing music, and he sprinkled his magic across them.  Simon was amazing to work with as he really understood what we were trying to do.

There’s a real sense of Tricky’s early work to the single

Yeah, I think so, there’s a real call and response of the vocal lines between the male and female parts coupled with a slight contrast of dark claustrophobia and pop.

The video really helps contextualise the track also, was this produced during lock down?

It was yes, we all recorded ourselves and then the pieces were edited together into something we all thought fit the sound and the theme of the track.

There’s a couple of other singles ready to follow the track up with already complete?

Almost, yes, they are in the process of being mixed and are intended to be released later this summer.  As it happens, and here’s an exclusive for you, we’re talking to Mike Bennett who wants to release Phase Iv through his record label which is incredibly exciting. It may be that Mike releases Phase IV and all of the future singles, which we’re hoping at the minute to build up into a mini album.

Wow, Mike Bennett and Simon Ellis that must be exciting

It is, and it’s strange to think that our original intention was simply to carry on being creative during difficult times.  The world’s a funny place.

The Last of The Fallen Angels will release Phase IV on the 16th July.