Tanx – Know me better

Heartbreak can be an interesting topic for an artist to write about, though the general narrative tends to focus on one of two options; regret or revenge.  Option one, you turn heartbreak into an upbeat, American hi-school, pop display that being dumped was the best thing anyone’s ever done to you (say ‘Shout out to my ex’). Option two, classier, you expose your true emotions of pain, self pity and uncertainty and let the world know how much it hurts (say Nick Cave’s ‘The Boatmans call’).

Presented with their own heartbreak, Tanx have, thankfully, decided on the later option for their 3 track ep and attempted to verbalise the part crisis in faith/ part horror show which comes from losing yourself in love affairs which were always doomed to fail.

Lead track ‘Love isn’t enough’ places Spiritualized broken, reverb heavy, vocals on top of a minimalist soundtrack which builds into a chorus about wishing you were both a little better and a little stronger  – ‘I can’t make it on my own’.  Raw and honest, it reminds you that heartbreak can sound good.

‘Know me better’ a track, about a loved one becoming unrecognisable, is driven by a melodic guitar line and a sensitive vocal styled on the Bunnymen.  Wistful in it’s understanding that loved ones can seek new pleasures, ‘You’ll be out and you’ve got too much time on your hands’, it’s the most effecting track on the ep.

Closer ‘Brother’, a meditation on lovers leaving because you can’t fulfil their needs – ‘do you still feel happy? Im sorry my love is not around’ – is truthful and wise beyond it’s age.

Tanx have dug deep to produce thoughtful reflections on heartache and the destruction that comes with it.  Heartbreak may, after all, be the best thing anyones ever done to them.