Shy Talk – Reducerer

If pop art’s central prose was the ability to find meaning and inspiration in the most usual of places, then god only knows what Andy Warhol would have made of the new track by Shy-Talk.

Taking a poor tackle in a non-league football game as it’s central narrative, Reducerer, a scuzzy, feed-back layered piece of guitar pop, uses the everyday event of playing football to make interesting comments on Social Class and modern life.  Further, it makes art out of non-league football.

Making only their second appearance, Shy-Talk (featuring members of Blóm, Cave Suns, Hermitage, Onlooker, Waskerley Way, Young Liar) both in musical bombast as well as high-brow art, look to be an outfit well worth keeping an eye on.

Speaking about the song vocalist Michael Bridgewater, aka Moses Escariot, says “Reducerer is a song about social class and non-league football. More specifically, it is about a tackle so ‘bad’ that it transcends the definition of ‘reducer’ – it is a reducerer. The Band attempts to capture the gleeful/lamentable violence of such a hypothetical tackle through agitated vocals and crushing breakdowns. By the way, it’s a pop song.”

With an intent so interesting, an art form so rare, Reducerer is one to dig out straight away.