Pioneers – Risks

Kicking off like the The Cult’s ‘She sells sanctuary’, ‘Risks’ hits us hard and fast with a syncopated, riff heavy, guitar line layered in 80’s styled effects and peddles.  It’s a great introduction to a track which quickly explores into a Cure/Echo and the Bunnymen esque dark, gothic, but highly emotive piece of rock.

80’s themed, Risks owes its success to it’s strong production; an ability which keeps us hooked on the main riff of the track whilst also allowing us to notice distant subtleties and interesting musicianship.   Of such subtleties, much of the success of Risks is owed to it’s pounding rythmn section which keeps the track ‘up’, aggressive and danceable.  Should rock clubs exist in the way they did at the start of decade, Risks will have people running to the dance floor to release some of the energy the track throws into you.

Guitar work is central to Risks’s success and one look into the bands imagery or song titles gives you the insight that this is a band looking to push their sound out of any rock boundaries.  They do so here by layering their catchy guitar line with strong solos and playouts.  Not quite classic rock, or progressive rock, Risks guitars are a combination of dirty scuzz and dreamy math rock.  If these are the types of riffs we can expect, and this is the level or production, Risks is a great introduction to a band we should take note of.