Making an EP in the heavy rock/pop world can seemingly result in either all of the tracks ending up sounding the same, or with the EP trying too hard to represent each sound of heavy rock (heavy, heavier, slow, heaviest) at the detriment of the EP.  As an interesting break from the norm, Teeside’s Krome pull off something unique through a mixture of sounds, ending with nods to Faith No More’s slap bass and humour (“Nosebleed”),  Ginger Wildheart’s melodies and guitar solos (“Waste the day”) and Duff Mackagan’s Loaded’s love of scuzz guitar sounds and back of the throat vocals (“Thrillride”).  Highlight, and Velvet Revolver sounding, ‘Avalon’ with it’s dark, dingy sound, and it’s Scott Weiland howls for redemption steals the show on an EP with four fine, heavy, accessible, rock tracks.  Some great sounds and some great songs.