Tanx 18.7.17

Indie rockers Tanx have had a great July releasing not just one, but two, indie bangers and grabbing the attention of the national press.  We caught up with band member Callum to talk about Tanx’s success in July and immediate future.

Hi Tanx, your new track ‘Days with you’ is pretty much the perfect, up-beat, summer track; endorsing reckless behaviour and enjoying yourself.  Where did the idea for the track come from?

Callum: I was about to go for the bus, strumming on my acoustic and the melody popped into my head. I wrote the lyrics on my phone in the bus stop while I was waiting.

‘Days’ has an interesting sound – reminiscent of early, riff heavy, Strokes and Libertines- with honest lyrics – how did you arrive at the sound?

Callum: The sound has come from having a large range of mixed influences and an obsession of guitar tones has really driven the sound of this song.

How would you describe the reaction so far to Days?

Callum: It has got us gigs and it has got us noticed but it’s just the beginning.  To be fair, since we released the single we’ve had a lot of airplay but we expected that anyway. It has also enticed the interest of several people who have asked to manage us.

You’re playing the perfect one-two with new single ‘Screw loose’ following up ‘Days’ in the same month.  What can we expect from ‘Screw’?

Callum: Screw Loose is reflecting the many people I know including myself who have a screw loose. It is inspired by the people around me and the town I live in, its humorous but also has a darker meaning. It’s a lot more serious and builds up to an intense Outtro that we wrote in the studio.

You’ll be out considerably in the North East in the next few months playing shows.  Where we can see you and how would you describe a Tanx show?

Callum: As a recently formed band we are experimenting with visual style and performance. We enjoy connecting with the audience and most of all playing the songs as energetically and meaningfully as we can. You can see us play in Newcastle over the next month at:

July 26th at the Cluny,

July 28th Jumpin’ Jacks,

August 4th Think Tank Underground,

August 13th at The Cluny

Finally will we see a 3rd single follow in the same time frame that ‘Screw loose’ followed ‘Days’?

Callum: That was our plan, We have a 3rd single ready to pop out but with some new ideas from management, the plan at the moment is unknown. We’re looking forward to seeing what happens.   Our main focus is to go into the studio and record more and more.

To find out more about Tanx, including where to hear their material and where to see them live, check out FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/bandtanx/