EMU – Walk of Shame

If my adolescence is anything like the ‘standard’ experience then it can be a pretty difficult time.  Old enough to start to see the cracks in society, as well as the endless possibilities of adulthood, but not old enough to know what to do about them, I found some parts of adolescence highly emotive and challenging. 

Fortunately, my adolescence was sometime in the last century and far removed from what I can only guess are the additional challenges (social media, constant connectivity) which make adolescence even more complex today. 

Addressing such challenges, ‘Walk’ talks us through the highs (‘I’ve got drinks flowing and I’m ready to fight‘) and the lows (‘all I’ve done is break down the past few weeks’) of being 22, wanting ‘to be on my own’ and not knowing which direction is the best route to take.  Charging with Buzzcocks styled guitars and an emotive vocal delivery, Walk takes a charged looked at adolescence and the frustration it can bring.