coquin migale preview

Shoegazing is connected to many things, but perhaps too rarely to pop music.

Bar, say, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Nirvana or Teenage Fanclub, the genre is regularly seen as the attempt of art students to make highbrow art… often at the sake of a strong melody.

Newcastle favourites, and arty rock band, Coquin Migale push (yes, push) the MBV template further to both the pop and the art extremes.  As their most recent (and BBC heavily rotated) single ‘Soft’ proved, they offer serious musicianship, serious artistic vision and serious vocal delivery under a cover of boy next door personalities.  If you’ve seen them before, you’ll also know they have pretty good between set banter…

A ten date Feburary tour brings them to Newcastle’s Jumpin’ Jacks club on the 23rd.