The Clone Roses. City Hall. 25.2.23

Image not mine

They come on with a Black and White flag, which helps, but really what this shows is just how talented Reni, Mani and John are; and how hard their sound is to be replicated live.

Watching ‘the kids’ go wild to the earlier Oasis tribute act makes me realise; 1. any Oasis reunion would be as big as it gets 2. no-one seems to meet and snog at a gig anymore 3. kids haven’t got a clue how to handle a mosh-pit and 4. it’s funny as fuck watching kids try to sing along when they only know 30% of the words.

There’s a bunch of toon chants and a collection of mackems sing for Sunderland – I’m expecting bother but there’s none; point number 5 – kids don’t seem to fight anymore.

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