Fire and Water. The Exchange. North Shields. 9.11.21

Presenting the story using an interesting combination of humour and tenderness, Fire and Water, the tale of unlikely North Shields war hero, Thomas Brown, does a great job of showcasing a forgotten/neglected local figure for their important work during World War Two.  Delivered in a style which brings together the chronological historic events of Brown’s salvaging of the Enigma code documents, alongside the personal complexities of being a local 15-year lad growing up during war time, the joy of Fire and Water is it’s ability to mix tragic tales of war with humorous, almost slap-stick at times, asides about complex engineering/historic events.  Well written, well-acted and well-assembled, Fire and Water succeeds brilliantly in exploring a local tale about a young man doing his bit for King and Country that should, perhaps, be better known in the region – if not throughout the world.

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