Tired of fighting. Sunderland Peacock. 31.10.21

A really promising evening this one from a local three-piece emo/punk/indie outfit who focus on gothic/emo content.  Driven by tracks like the standout Blood, Tired have an interesting, and growing, body of dark and painful work that is worth promoting; wrapped up in a style of goth/ emo/ grunge that the Cure have been championing for years, their songs are hard, poppy in places, yet always centred with a strong narrative.  Tonight however, a slight lack of stage confidence, and a tendency to make self-mocking jokes, takes some of the sheen away from a set that is otherwise strong, focused, and meaningful.  The hard work, in terms of song writing and musicality, has been done, the next challenge is for the band to own the stage in the way that the songs are asking them to.  Full of promise, but needing support with their stage presence. 

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