The Ninth Wave. Newcastle. Cluny. 6.10.21

Tonight proves to be one of those nights when it really pays to come early to a gig; openers Priestgate blowing the roof off the Cluny2 by combining the poppier moments of the Cure with a freakishly charismatic Iggy Pop styled front person, and main support Youth Sector playing the type of funky, clever, art-rock that defined the New Wave sound of (early) INXS combined with an At the Drive In styled intensity and sharp attire combine.  They’re both outrageously intense and full of confidence, which sets things up nicely for The Ninth Wave, a band somehow landing smack in the middle of Depeche Mode’s electronic Violator and guitar darkness of Songs of Faith and Devotion.  Brash, brave, and playing with an intense sexual energy that reminds you of mid-point Dandy Warhols, they’re about as good as a young band can get.  Your new favourite band.