Live Theatre is Your Voice: North East. 26.9.21

Showcasing seven short plays from writers who have not previously had work performed professionally at Live Theatre, Your Voice showed an astonishingly high standard of stage writing/production/acting to tell the tales of lived experience in the Northeast.

Taking narratives as broad as the search for a non-committal mate right across to the important intervention of a homeless man in a search for identity the stories of Your Voice told many of the untold truths and struggles inside of the regions people.  Brave, challenging and excellently staged, each story was though provoking and showed potential to be developed into longer-form, productions themselves.  And whilst it’s maybe unfair to single out a particular story, a special mention must go to the acting of Nick Tennant whose ability to morph through varying emotions in Through the hurricane was particularly impressive and helped create an extremely powerful play.  Seven pieces of wonder.   

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