Glen Matlock. The Cluny. 23.5.19

Even though being regarded as one of the original punk rock composers, the world hasn’t always been particularly kind to Glen Matlock.  The posh one.  The Beatles one.  The rich one.  Yet hidden behind various public band oustings, and social jibings, what remains true, at least on tonight’s evidence, is that Matlock has always had a feel for how to write the music which fits with this punk thing.  History might prove that he was, in fact, the smart one.    Last years ‘Good to go’ album, itself well represented tonight, centres an evening which still directs our attention towards the instruction of disrupting societal norms and kicking out the jams.  Standouts ‘Won’t put the brakes on me’ and ‘Hook in you’ hold up well against the one Pistols track ‘Pretty vacant’ on an evening where most of the audience play head tennis, shifting their focus between Matlock and Bowie guitarist Earl Slick and back again.    Matlock? Surely he was the diligent one.

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