Ten Fe. Think Tank? 26.4.19

First impressions, we’re led to believe, last forever; which is just as well for first-time-to-Newcastle’ers Ten Fe who are clearly here tonight on a dual mission of seeing if the rumours of Newcastle on a Friday night are true; as well as trying to live up to the reputation provided by their recorded work.

Part four-part harmony/Teenage Fanclub styled acoustic folksters, and part electro pop maestros, the Fe’s come into their own when they blend the two together; droning guitars meeting perfected harmonies meeting delicate echoing beats.

Highlights ‘Elodie’, ‘Won’t happen’ and ‘Overflow’ take this combination to the zenith with echoing beats, precise vocals and flowing pop melodies which drift from 80s synth pop to Neil Young folk and back again in perfect arrangement.  ‘Coasting’, with it’s emotive narrative and superb multiple vocals suggest that if they haven’t been to Newcastle before, then they’ve certainly been influenced by the city; it’s pure Alan Hull and Lindisfarne.   This is pop at it’s very best; catchy, experimental and memorable from the first note.    

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