Anteros. The Cluny. 16.4.19

Given the electro pop-ness of recently released debut ‘When We Land’ the expectations for the Anteros show are shattered almost from the off as they kick opener ‘Wrong side’ off with traditional instrumentation, rather than synths and effects pedals.  Creating a live sound more ‘indie’ than ‘pop’ it’s interesting to observe Anteros pushing their sound into new spaces and taking risks; an effect which provides a safety net for firm focal point, and lead, Laura Hayden.  Part Debbie Harry and part Shampoo band member, Hayden shines with her pop delivery and mixture of sass with accessibility, though perhaps an ‘obvious’ part-cover of ‘These boots were made for walking’ and certain on stage moves risk nudging her towards memories of past stars rather than showing her as what she is, a highly original, accessible, pop star.  With an onstage invasion for ‘Bonnie’ and ‘Honey’s superb delivery proving the highlights of the evening Anteros prove that they’re already happy to take risks.  With a few more these could be huge.


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