Indigo Velvet. Tynemouth Surfcafe. 16.2.19

The first thing we’re advised tonight about The Pasolas is that drummer Matthew’s trousers have ripped.  He gets a loud cheer for that alone whilst the rest of us wonder what this could mean for the remainder of the evening.  Yet it seems to make no odds. The Pasolas blaze into their set with huge energy and huge goodwill from a crowd seemingly already well versed in their set including standouts ‘Slide’, ‘Lazy Ache’ and ‘Rust’.  Emotive, proficient and full of interesting songs, The Pasolas are certainly ones to be watching.

Edingburgh’s finest Indigo Velvet build on the good vibes built with their blend of pop meets Calypso.  Upbeat and full of dance floor happy grooves, The Velvets attack their instruments with the intention of creating a dance floor takeover.  New track ‘Nineteen’ standouts with it’s tight bassline and drum breaks, whilst ‘Sunrise’ brings it’s own blend of sunshine and dance rhythms.  Superb interplay guitar lines between lead singer Daren Barclay and groove centric rythmn guitarist Jason Tucker, The Velvets create a sound which maintains an 80’s pop sound which clearly aims for the ear worms.  Rythmic and full of energy Indigo Velet finish off a job started earlier by The Pasolas in a tremendous double hitter.

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