Teenage fanclub. Electric ballroom. 15.11.18

When I was young I wanted to be a Beach Boy. If that wasn’t possible I wanted to be a Fanny.

Mates with Cobain, signed to Creation, and possibly the best British pop songwriters since Duran Duran, Teenage Fanclub represented everything meaningful to me in music.

Performing ‘Howdy’ in full tonight, what the Fannies make me reassess is not just what a perfect pop band they remain, but also of my desire, some twenty years on, to be part of something so pure and meaningful as Teenage Fanclub.

The fact that they’re on fine form tonight only intensifies the feeling of being so close to the thing that I hoped would define my life, but feeling a lifetime away. Paraphrasing their lyrics, I get near but today I didn’t seem to reach it.

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