Sauvage. Head of Steam. 17.8.18

Art rock is perhaps at it’s most interesting when it’s grounded in danceable grooves.  Talking Heads, The Dandy Warhols, Field Music (to name just my favourites) all benefited not only from trying interesting, artistic, experimentations with their music, but also from having a rhythm section which forced you to move.  In the world of guitar music it seems that once you have people grooving to your music, you can take them anywhere.

Fresh from their recent multiple supporting spots across the country, Sauvage return to the stage tonight as headliners, looking to reclaim their title as a band who define the evenings line up, not just support it.  Known already as a band with a love of playing loud psychedelic indie sounds, Sauvage have grown in confidence in 2018, maturing their sound, releasing interesting material and adding intricate 3 part harmonies to their show.  Notwithstanding their wild shirts, the band prove tonight that, 2 years into their career, they have big ideas, and big grooves, for a style of music which defies the boundaries of tradition indie.

Standout performance of the evening goes to bassist Adam Sams, who holds the show together with the kind of dance provoking grooves on top of which Sauvage are able to build interesting arrangements.  Guitar enthusiast, James Anderson, seems keen to make use of these grooves and spends the evening weaving delicate guitar lines and funky rhythms to add flavour to the tracks.  Leading the ‘rock’ side of the show, Anderson pulls the rock star moves and shapes, one moment having half a can of Red Stripe poured down his neck, but backs up the confidence with moments of guitar wizardry.  There’s a young Marc Bolan in there somewhere.

Young, exciting and up for trouble, Sauvage provide one hell of a show.  We’re going to dance and have some fun.

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