BlinkBeat. 21.2.18. London Jazz Cafe.


Combining industrial breakbeats with dub baselines, then played alongside elements of trip-hop and drum N bass, Blinkbeat takes both a backwards and forwards look across the electronica genre.
Stepping outside of pop music’s current obsession with sheen, and guitars reignited love with shoegazing, the Beatster searches for, and finds, interesting new textures within the breakneck tempo space.
Dark, menacing and deliberately altering the pace from Rawkus to gentle, Blink plays with the audience; taking them on a journey across dance music’s wide spectrum and mix of styles, whilst exploring an underlying theme of information and sensory overload.
Equally inspired by slower Massive Attack style beats as it is by, bizarrely, Bowie’s aggressive Earthling record, the result is the sound of an intellectual artist, enjoying himself, playing disruptor, and getting away with it.

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