Nick Oliveri. Manchester. Rebellion. 29.11.17



Loud, heavy and intense; Queens of the Stone Age (with Oliveri) were all of those things and more.  Apart from, say, Appetite, Nevermind or Rage they made the best album to the more angrier moments of my tweenage years; and certainly the soundtrack  when getting ready to go into the war of what is a night out in northern England.

Olivieri, given his wild-man reputation, occasional onstage nakedness, and love of narcotics (as I noted open-jawed when reading a q interview) seemed like a rebel even within a pack of rebels.

As we all predicted the Queens thing ended like a train wreck, yet given tonight’s show it’s clear that Olivieri escaped relatively uninjured.

Playing solo, but creating the noise of ten men, Oliveri is intense, humorous and respectful.  He’s also capable of putting on the type of show which reminds you of why he will always be regarded as a rock god.

Credit to the guy who bought Oliverii bottle of tequila, then credit to Oliveri for sharing it with anyone who wanted a drink.  That moment alone symbolised one of rocks finest points; we take care of our own.

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