Holy Moly and the Crackers. 14.7.17. Cluny


It’s fair to say that the characters, places and messages of Holy Moly’s songs deserve a review of their own; the insightful story telling of Ruth Patterson and the folk-punk-rock music of the 7-member strong Moly offering a unique approach to writing about contemporary issues whilst using a soundtrack drenched in sounds from a bygone era.

Providing a collective of individuals, and a stage performance, that is closer to the energy of say the Specials or the Pogues than it is to stereotypical folk bands, Holy Moly put on a show that is nothing short of brilliant.  On stage banter, drinking and dancing provide an interesting insight into a band who appear to relish values of rebellion and protest, but do so as masterful musicians and lyricists who take centuries of folk outlaw stories and crash them into the here and now of todays mixed up world of hedonistic, overly materialist, selfish, forgotten about, youth. Themes of broken heartedness, holiday flings, protest and drug use prove that sometimes it really does feel that the best way to stop worrying about what you should believe in is by singing, dancing and forgetting about it all.

As the sold out Cluny sing and dance along with most of new album ‘Salem’, all 7 Moly’s give it their all, somehow managing to create a sound that mixes gypsy string instruments with classic brass and a loud, rock, rhythm section.  It’s a combination that shouldn’t really work, especially in a live setting, but absolutely does; with the result providing a wall of sound which you can’t help but move to.  With a band full of charisma, a great new album and a devil-may-care attitude, we really could be talking about the Moly’s in a few years in the way we talk about the Specials or the Pogues now.  Great stuff.

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