Twister. 21.5.17. Newcastle Academy.


If you wrote down a step by step list of the requirements needed to be a rock star, surely first place would be the possession of a big personality.  Big rock needs big personalities.  Without the big personality, a rock star can ascend the rock highs; but reach not to the very top.

Let’s check this theory; big rock equals Plant, Jagger, Tyler, Rose.  You know those, yes? Not quite big rock equals Cherone, Cester, Nicholas and Hayes.  More difficult? Great frontpeople for sure, but perhaps not the demi-god status of list one.

Projected for rock godliness sometime soon, local lads Twister made their (main hall) Academy debut to celebrate the release of new album ‘Combined State of Mind’ and proved that not only do they have the songs needed for the big time, but in frontman Stevie Stoker, they also have that big personality.

Spending the whole show oozing rock attitude, Stevie fronts the band’s exterior by using a flamboyant guitar style, preening, pouting and injecting enthusiasm into the whole band.  If this was glam, there’d be a good case to earmark Stoker with the same traits as Bolan.

It’s the enthusiasm that makes Twister a great band to watch; they all enjoy themselves and attack the Academy like it’s Wembley Stadium.  It’s an absolute credit to the whole band that they go flat out right from the first chord and stay with it.

Last year saw Twister break through onto Kerrang tv, this years already seen them release new material, be stars of a fly-on-the-wall show and play the Academy.  As music fans I’m sure we’d all wish well to a band who clearly are in love with music.  Let’s hope that the lads kick on again from here; at the very least, they have the personality.

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