Craig David. 29.3.17. Metro Radio Arena


As evidence of objective, consistent, journalism, the majority of the British Music Press now claim that Craig David is a great performer after all, regardless of what they have been saying for the past 10 years (in the run up to the Newcastle show, one major newspaper even ran the headline comparing Mr David to Mr Jackson).

All of this is, of course, reassuring as it provides evidence of a consistent benchmark for a ‘great performer’ and performance indicators that are likely to change weekly based around fashion and social media status.

And thank God for that, because Heaven help us if we had journalists who praised him 15 years ago when he had strong singles, but an average debut album, slated him twelve years ago when he had strong singles, but average follow-up albums,  and love him now when he has a live show based around strong singles, but an average (overly long) dj set.

What a relief to find that, though being consistent with his output, Mr David’s ability to perform has been inconsistently reviewed.


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