Jarrod Dickenson. 19.3.17. The Cluny


Much has been said about Texas-born, Brooklyn resident, Jarrod Dickenson’s style and reference points coming more from the 1930’s Dust Bowl era than the present day.  But if your music sounds good, then who cares where it comes from?

Described by BBC Radio 6 as ‘Storytelling with Soul’, Jarrod’s blend of Americana is both powerful and well constructed.  Highlights of the set ‘Rosalie’ and ‘California’, are both structured around acoustic strumming,  soulful vocals and serious messages of loss, love and redemption.  In a live setting, the music sounds more like Heartbreaker-era Ryan Adams than the Tom Waite’s sounding studio sound.

Standout track ‘No work for the working man’, written about depression era America, is heart-breaking to listen to.  Lyrics about selling off family aires to stay afloat sound like they could have been written for today’s climate and a soundtrack to ‘I am Daniel Blake’.

Perhaps there’s much more common ground between the Dust Bowl and the present day than some people realise.



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