Red Faces. 28.1.17. Think tank underground.


Whilst there may be a lot of young bands with more ‘important’ topics to sing about, 4 piece Sheffield upstarts Redfaces have been gaining a lot of attention recently by singing about the things which really matter to the younger generations; falling in love and having nights out.

Pushing the ‘let’s have a good time’ story telling lyrics of mid 90s blur and mixing it with elements of Arctic Monkey’s wit and insight, the faces produce love songs that are quintessentially British; Not all of the love is reciprocated. Not every girl wants to stay over. And not every night out is a success

Live they deliver these insights with an edge that takes them away from mockney era bouncy indie and into the harder elements of Supergrass territory providing evidence that, musically and lyrically, they are wiser beyond their years.

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