Buzzcocks. 12.10.16.o2 Academy.


The Buzzcocks were a very northern punk outfit.

Taking the punk manifesto of the first generation, southern, bands, they added an everyday and every-man feel.

Witty lyrics about lust, sex and consumerism made Pete Shelley a spokesman for a generation who were interested in punk (and its possibilities), but also grounded in the working-class realities of 9-5 work and social expectations.

Going on to influence Neil Tennant and Morrisey, Shelley was well ahead of his time.

Touring a 40 year anniversary should have been a celebration for one of punk’s finest, and most original, outfits.  But unfortunately it’s not.

Shelley provides the head tilts and the saddest voice in punk, Steve Diggle provides the Weller-esque guitar shapes, but, collectively, the band don’t fire on all cylinders.

Not helped by a sound that isn’t leveled properly, there’s an emotional connection missing from the band.

As always, their classics are worth paying the entrance fee for, but sometimes, especially with a punk band, it’s about more than just the songs it’s about feeling connected.  We don’t get that tonight.  An off night for an on band.

Support: Dead like wolves

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