The Skints. 8.10.16. o2 Academy.

When Oasis were at their commercial peak, and before they became the type of band focused on re-issuing, and living on, their past, Noel Gallagher used to talk about a lineage of (British) bands who spoke to the British youth.

It went the Pistols, the Jam, the Smiths, the Roses, New Order, Oasis.

Interesting to see that, aside from New Order, the quality of the music steadily declines…

A few weeks ago I saw Massive Attack, in my mind the last great British band, and I’ve thought about their lineage ever since.  A lineage that starts with an angry/punk/ leftist beliefs, and continues through progressive mixtures of geo-social  musical influences.

I’m pretty certain we can start with the Pistols (do they start off every list??) then move through the Clash, the Specials, Dexys Midnight Runners, PiL, Style Council, Soul to Soul, Primal Scream and end up at Massive Attack.

But where do we go from the turn of the century?

Most likely The Streets then Dizzy Rascal; then who? Skepta?

Perhaps we need the benefit of hindsight when trying to identify a lineage?

On Saturday I saw the Skints, and I’m fairly convinced (if the dice falls well for them) that they could be part of that list in the future.

Political, culturally diverse, mixed musical influences and, most importantly, banging tunes, they’re the ones to watch.

Supporting bands: Better days, the Bennies

Headlining Acts: Mariach el Bronx, Less than Jake

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