Love Zombies.24.9.16. Cluny 2.


Pop punk has been described as taking the sound and fury of a vital music and draining it of its drama and passion; ultimately making it a caricature.  It’s also become a label to use for any punk band who seemingly do not take themselves too seriously or make Pistols or Dead Kennedy esque state of the nation remarks.

But at it’s heart, pop-punk can also remind us of why we like punk- it’s fun.

Whilst I’m not the biggest fan of pop-punk (or having fun for that matter) Love Zombies certainly capture the energy of the Buzzcocks or the Ramones and mix it with a ska sound akin to No Doubt or Rancid.

They’re good to watch live and put their all into their 40 minute set; they smile, they seemingly love what they are doing, they look the part and they’re grateful for the support.

Main Act: The Amorettes.  I’m gutted that I’ve never heard of this band.   These girls rock as hard as anything I’ve seen this year, and Gill Montgomery plays guitar as well as anyone I’ve ever seen.

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