UK Subs. 28.4.16. 3 Tuns.

Punk is everything to me.

It’s more than everything.

It’s my philosophy. My North Star.

Just walking into the 3 Tuns and having Jet open the door, then seeing Charlie at the bar, really does set the standard by which I want to live my own life.

This is raw and accessible. There are no bells or whistles.  There is no fat. This is direct, raw and accessible.  These icons are immediate and available.

They continue to break down barriers between the audience and the band.  They continue to remove hierarchy.

The UK Subs always seemed to be different to other 2nd generation punks.  Their gift was not just to see a future (particularly important given the backdrop of ‘no future’) but also to help others find their future. Their songs have been, and continue to be, defiant anthems for generation x; or at least those who haven’t forgotten their roots as they have grown in age and weight.

They play like they still mean everything they do; and they play with the same hunger they’ve always had to free of the old vocabulary and the old rules.  The audience raw with a noise that sounds like angst bottled from the 70s and 80s.  Change is still needed. The camouflage of neo liberalism is just a vale for the ruling classes. It’s a distraction. Thatcher and Reagan did not work.  Neither did Bush or Blair.  Neither did Cameron or Clinton.

The UK Subs are great, great people.  But they would never tell you.  It’s up to us to let them know.


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