Ramonas. 28.2.16. The Cluny.

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Sitting in the company of others can sometimes be a chore.

It’s nothing to do with their manners or behaviours; it’s because people. Rarely. Say. Anything.

At least anything interesting, important or intelligent.

Socially, humans seem happy to talk but we don’t admire honesty or talk about the important stuff like, say, death or politics.

That Richard Hell and the New York intelligencia scence of the 70s were saying this almost 40 years ago, is seriously worrying.

What are we to become if we continue to sleep walk into the future? A future which, certain academic claim, will result in further economic dispair and unrest.

Not only are we sleep walking, but the big issues of today are so normal now that we tolerate them to the point of not being arsed about it.

A trip to see the Ramonas UK make my defeatist mindset, unfortunatley, more prevalent.

Impersonating, and being, a band who embody intense defiance, energy and power, the Ramonas UK help remind you of the importance of direct action, free speech and grassroots movements. For 60 minutes, or 30 songs, the Ramonas UK make you feel part of something. they make you like you are someone else, someone good.

For the day after, they remind you of what you are missing.

Fantastic for the show.

Heart-breaking for the morning after.

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